Blown Cellulose: 
Benefits of Blown Cellulose Insulations

• Cellulose insulates better! It not only offers more heat transfer resistance per square inch than other fibre insulation materials, it also seals the structure against air infiltration better than other fibre installations. 
• Studies of actual buildings regularly show that cellulose-insulated buildings may use 20% to 40% less energy than buildings with fiberglass, even if the R-value of the insulation is identical. One reason for this is the capacity of cellulose to stop air infiltration.
• Fills walls and stops air infiltration better than fiberglass. 
• High “R” values 
• Highest savings – Lowest Costs 
• Cellulose makes homes safer by slowing down the spread of fire 
• Cellulose insulation is subject to strict flammability and corrosiveness standards
• Cellulose has the highest standards of any insulation material
• Non-toxic borate compounds resists fire, insects and mould 
• Fire resistant 
• Rodent retardant 
• Excellent soundproofing qualities 
• Reduces energy consumption 
• Efficient and environmentally friendly
• Cellulose makes efficient use of natural resources

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Polarfoam Spray Polyurethane Foam -

Benefits of polarfoam Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation:

• Environmentally friendly (recycled plastics & Soya) 
• Can reduce up to 50% energy consumption for heating and cooling purposes 
• Highest R-value
• Seamless permanent coverage over and around the different surfaces
• Resists molds and mildew
• Perfect air barrier (highest performing on the market)
• Eliminates energy-wasting air filtration
• Vapor barrier
• Zero Ozone Depletion Substrate (Zero-ODS)
• Ecological insulation
• Won’t shrink or settle (product is rigid)
• Fire resistant
• Soundproofing qualities
• Lower utility bills
• Saves on building materials and construction costs
• Healthier, cleaner home environment
• Aucoin's Insulation is a certified spray    polyurethane foam applicator and in accordance with CAN/ULC S705.2
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